Maniumission of the first Caspian seal in north

 The Caspian seal is one of the smallest members of the earless seal family and unique in that it is found exclusively in the brackish Caspian Sea. They are found not only along the shorelines, but also on the many rocky islands and floating blocks of ice that dot the Caspian Sea.

 In winter, and cooler parts of the spring and autumn season, these marine mammals populate the Northern Caspian. Some actresses were in the first ceremony of manumission of Caspian seal in north.

Mehrabad airport in 1971

Mehrabad airport in 1971. Note the four-engined Boeing 707. Mehrabad was to become one of the busiest and most modern airports in Western Asia by the late 1970s.

 In the decades before the revolution of 1979, our homeland was ruled by the Shah whose dictatorship repressed dissent and restricted political freedoms. But he also he pushed the country to adopt Western-oriented secular modernization, allowing some degree of cultural freedom.

 Under the Shah’s rule, our homeland’s economy and educational opportunities expanded.

Qajar Era, First Railway In Iran

Qajar Era, Railway to the Shāh Abdol Azīm Shrine, near Tehran, late nineteenth century.

My إنار tree

Horses - Mazandaran - Iran

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“Blue Sky Clean Earth, A New Decision"

Source: "Humans of Tehran" Facebook page

A guy with painted face hold banner reading “Blue Sky, Clean Earth” in Vanak Square during a campaign against industries polluting the environment. The campaign launched by the Tehran Municipality and focuses on traffic safety and clean city.




chihuahua desert

Mt. Damavand, Googerdi Region, approx. 5700m

Iran, Mt. Damavand, Googerdi Region. Approx. 5700m

Wild dolphin pod off of Iran's Qeshm Island


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