Insane Street Food in Turkey

Why Bob Dylan Matters

Dr. Fauci: You don't make the timeline, the virus does

Iran in the Bible: The Forgotten Story

Our Daily Bread For centuries Iran was known as Persia--the greatest empire the world had ever seen. But part of her story is often forgotten. Woven together in the Bible are prophecies and accounts of Persian kings, epic battles, and royal decrees that changed the world. And surprisingly to many, the Bible speaks of Persia as being chosen and favored for God's grand purposes. In 'Iran in ...

COVID-19 paralyzes religious tourism in Iraqi Karbala

Russia Today Iraqi authorities disinfected on Thursday gold-domed holy shrines in the city of Karbala, where religious tourism has nearly ground to a halt because of the new coronavirus. The shrines of Imam Hussein and his half-brother Imam Abbas were disinfected. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Shiite Muslim pilgrims visit the holy city of Karbala. But because of the new coronavirus, ...

PARSI Food Tour in India (Rare Indian-Iranian Cuisine)

Karl Rock Parsi food is one of the hardest to find foods these days because the Parsi people are slowly shrinking in numbers. So Manisha and I went to explore Indian-Iranian fusion food in Delhi. You haven't seen Indian food like this before! We'll show you what to order and tell you where you can find the best Parsi food in India. We ate Patra ne Machhi, Chicken Dhansak, Sali Boti, Berry ...

COVID-19: A Discussion with Trita Parsi

CODEPINK What's happening in Iran? How are U.S. sanctions impacting Iran's ability to address COVID-19? What can we do to lift the sanctions? CODEPINK's Medea Benjamin and Ariel Gold are joined by author and analyst Trita Parsi to discuss U.S. sanctions, Iran, and the coronavirus crisis.

Dancing in Iran's Monuments

Marvels of Iran

Iran Village Theme Park Project

Zindeed Animation Studio This project was an ambitious one design to use the advantage of the already crowded city of Mashhad by travelers.

Having Dizi With My Dad

Azi Hejazi When I was in Iran last year, one day, after doing some paperwork, my dad and I went to north of Tehran, Darband, to have some traditional Persian food. The place that my dad usually goes to was closed so we tried this one. But it was delicious that my dad said he will start coming here from then on. You can read more about the dish here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abgoosht