Iran sentences 10 Bahai citizens to prison for following banned faith

Iran News Watch: Iranian courts in Tehran and its sister city of Karaj sentenced 10 Bahai men and women ...

Puffy Alpaca

On a hike above Cusco.

COVID nights

On Cuesta San Blas tonight.

White Horse

Near Temple of the Monkeys above Cusco.

“Satanic” metal band members arrested in Iran

Metal Insider: The members of Iranian metal band Arsames have been arrested. They were charged with ...

Bird Profile

On the capuli tree in the garden.

Full Moon: Hiking up or rolling down?

This morning in Cusco.

Bird on a branch

In the garden on the capuli tree.

Doodool Tala Hoodie

Persian design clothing on Amazon.

The moon sneaking behind the trees

Moments ago above Cusco.