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Social Proximity

On Calle Tanda Pata.


On my street, Calle Choquechaka.

Rush Hour

Heading home before curfew ends on Calle Córdoba del Tucumán. 

Novel heroes: Iranian barista does his part in Wuhan

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China Daily: Sina Karami from Iran is a barista at a café named Wakanda in Wuhan, Hubei province.

There are several hospitals near the café treating patients with novel coronavirus. His cafe delivers coffee to nearby hospitals free every day, offering support to medical staff.

This year is the second year Sina and his brother have lived in Wuhan. After the coronavirus outbreak, the Iranian government dispatched charter flights to Wuhan to repatriate nationals. Sina's brother decided to go back to Iran and wanted Sina to go with him, but Sina's choice was to stay. Xina said he would not leave Wuhan at this difficult moment.

Sina also said despite the risks brought by the epidemic, the fearlessness of medical staff also impresses him, and he will not retreat — instead, he will continue to provide help to medical staff.

Watch your back

Chiguanco on the garden wall today. 

Man & Pigeon

In Plaza San Blas during quarantine.

Quarantine Party

Around the fire with neighbors tonight.

The Meeting Place

In Plaza San Blas during quarantine.

Eye Contact

Valentino on the garden wall.

The Last Humans

On Calle Pumacurco before curfew.