Sunset Strip

San Cristobal Church moments ago.

Three Companions

On the Inca trail to Temple of the Moon.

Gold Rush

Plaza de Armas tonight.

Hiking with Blanquita

Near Temple of the Moon above Cusco.

Mohammad Mosaed: 2020 International Press Freedom Awards

Committee to Protect Journalists CPJ is honored to present its 2020 International Press Freedom Award to ...

Waiting for scraps

On Calle Choquechaka tonight.

Dog Day Afternoon

At the Temple of the Monkeys above Cusco.

Valentino and Soraya

Not exactly Romeo and Juliet.

Shah in Swiss School, 1935

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (standing, second from left) at his Swiss boarding school, InstitutLe Rosey, circa ...

Dipped in the cloud

Mountain above Cusco.