Freya Ridings : Lost Without You

Shirin: Chopin, Piano Concerto No 2,

Frédéric Chopin Piano Concerto No.2, 3.movement Arranged for 2 Pianos and Percussions Performed by SHIRIN, THOMAS and KERSTIN

Shirin: Slavonic Dance No10

Antonín Dvořák Slavonic Dance No.10 Paintings by Jakub Obrovsky (1882-1949) Malva Schalek (1882-1944) Piano version performed by SHIRIN

Bobby Darin: Don't Rain on My Parade

Hey, world here I am! Don't tell me not to fly I've simply got to If someone takes a spill It's me and not you Don't bring around a cloud To rain on my parade. Don't tell me not to live Just sit and putter Life's candy and the sun is A ball of butter Who told you you're allowed To rain on my parade? I'm gonna march my band out I'll beat my drum And if I'm fanned out Your turn at bat, ...

Anthony Dexter and Patricia Medina: Argentine Tango: Valentino (1951)

This is the full scene featuring the famous Argentine Tango from Valentino (1951), starring Anthony Dexter and Patricia Medina. Dexter, a virtual lookalike to the real Rudolph Valentino, was a dancer in real life. Unlike today's refined "ballroom tango," this tango makes use of a whip in the opening and closing moments, and Dexter is wearing real spurs. The original tango was often passionate ...

Shirin: Anillito, a nice rhythm from Venezuela

Pastor López Anillito Soundtrack performed by SHIRIN KERSTIN Piano Percussions

Shirin: Alma Lianera Tradicionl Venezolao

The Rolling Stones: Sweet Virginia

Shirin: Legends of the Fall, piano version

Legends of the Fall Soundtrack by James Horner Piano version performed by SHIRIN Video by Tristar movie production

A Film By Amiro: Lost In Iran