“What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist.”
Salman Rushdie

There were lots of comments  on this blog by a "Guita Tahmassebi",  but all of them , expcept for the single uncritical one written by the owner and editor of this site were immediately removed. I wonder why?

Since I did not leave the cesorship of Islamist republic of Iran behind, moving to USA only to be censored by a minion, as  promissed, here my deleted comment on "her" blog:

"I dont know Mr Roozbeh Faranihpour. Neither know of this blogger or indeed if the name "Guita Tamassebi" is a real or assumed name. But to lots of readers whose comments were all deleted ,  this blog is yet another typical example of campaign of harrassement and bullying  by the Islamist Regime of Iran against it's US/Europe based opposition. This campaign of harrassement is in general carried out by Islamist regime's US / Europe based  cyber army and lobbys such as the infamos washington based lobby of “ NIAC”.

If the blogger has not the courage to respond to my comment, at least I hope “she” has a shred of integrity to a let my comment remain, instead of deleting it like all the rest of the comments critical of "her" blog. That would save me the few minutes of extra time needed to post my comment as a blog with an appropriate title."