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Persian food in New York

Charlotte Gainsbourg:  Deadly Valentine

If Iran ever builds nuclear bombs after the IR is gone, should it immediately drop the first nuke on South Lebanon?

Should leftists, so-called "intellectuals," and revolutionaries who helped bring about the 1979 Devolution and then immediately left Iran and settled in Western countries be forced to go back and live in Iran?

CNN: Two Iranian victims of serial killer: Toronto police find six sets of remains on property linked to landscape

CBS San Francisco: Macy’s Launches Modest Clothing Line For Muslim Women

Iranians: Che Guevaras in 1979, Gandhis in 2018

CNN: Polar bears could face extinction faster than thought, study says

"Liberal" Iranian - American "peace activist" Leila Zand pictured alongside Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

What's wrong with [West residing] Iranians --Part 10 X Infinity