Do you think that the bulk of trump opponents would consist of  Mexicans or Muslims?


Then think again! The bulk of Trump opposition consists of a bunch of weak minded lefty liberals who have a romantic admiration of political Islam, although they’d be to embarrassed to ever admit it! This romantic relationship allows them to be fooled by the massive propaganda put up against this man. Now the next question is who is paying for this massive propaganda? Of course a lot of that comes from Democratic Party. The same party under its rule the political Islam has flourished from Afghanistan to Iran and today in Syria. The same Democratic party under which the 1979 Islamic takeover of Iran happened. The same Democratic party under which the nuclear deal with terrorist ayatollahs was reached, allowing hundreds of billions to be released to these terrorists to continue funding their acts of terror

It is therefore of no surprise that trita parsi, the  boss of NIAC, the terrorist ayatollahs lobby in Washington, has been urging it’s followers, those on his pay list, to campaign  for Hillary Clinton and against Trump!  They are truly scared sh*t of him! And so they should be!!