As some of you know by now Mr. Hassan Rouhani, the so called “reformist” mullah currently in charge of the terrorist islamist republic of Iran (yea the guy responsible for execution of over 1000 Iranians  and murdering tens of thousands of Syrian women and children  last year alone) recently had to abandon his planned trip to Austria to bring some much needed investment and Germanic technical knowhow to the Islamic hell hole of Iran. Reason? The mere threat of a planned demonstration by a few hundred Iranians belonging to the  opposition group MKO/ National Council of Resistance of Iran. The “reformist” Mullah,  asked  the Austrians to cancel this demo and Austrians said “nein”!! The days of Adolph Hitler when we could cancel demos are gone! Today we all live in a democracy where people have a  right to demonstrate peacefully! And we owe all this  to  that military invasion by American troops nearly 70 years ago who freed us from Hitler’s dictatorship!


Oh, what am I talking about! This blog is not about top Mullahs trip cancelation or how top mullahs lackeys in the west have been jumping up and down like headless chickens on internet trying to repair this humiliating damage to their paymasters’ image! No this blog is about Austria! And for that I refer you to this beautiful countries official Tourist board site on internet!.

 And as for it’s well known son Hitler? Well he hated Jews , he hated democracy, he’d have loved islamist terrorists being sponsored by reformist mullah, he had only one ball, he was not able to have sex with women (you know , the usual stuff you expect from this kind of a creature!!) but he is dead now!  so who cares?!!!


Let me finish by telling you this. This great country  is already on my vacation plan for this summer! Looking forward to meeting the locals (above) and any decent freedom loving Iranian living there  to tell me about the country and it’s potentials!!!