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Joined on October 10, 2012

FLASHBACK: In 2007, 72 U.S. senators including Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton called on George W. Bush admin to designate the IRGC as a foreign terrorist organization (FTO).—Mark Dubowitz ‏
Important: Trita Parsi and NIAC have consistently opposed any pressure on the Revolutionary Guards, the force responsible for internal repression, external terror, and the murder of thousands of Syrian children. Why are they so keen to protect these murderers?—kaveh Shahrooz, Canada based lawyer
When I appeared in Vogue some leftists attacked & said anti compulsory hijab campaigner can’t be in a capitalist fashion magazine. Now they praise Ilhan .How hypocritical. They have no problem if Vogue is pro hijab. To me fighting compulsory hijab means power beauty & resistance—Masih Alinejad
Ilhan Omar used an incomplete sentence when she spoke to vogue magazine. She said Hijab means power & beauty. She forgot to add because she lives in democratic US. When she lived in Somalia or any other place where hijab is law but not choice it means only misery.—Roya Hakakian
[Today is ] Islamic Republic Day for the 40th time. But Where are Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and others? Let me guess: They are forgotten. That's the Consequence of being on the Wrong Side of History. You Know What I Mean!—Azari Jahromi, Islamist Minister of Information and Communications Technology
It is strange that someone leads a nation for 30 years and faces the most complicated social problems and still does not make a mistake while other world leaders have committed numerous mistakes.—Ayatullah Yazdi describing Islamist supreme leader
To millions upon millions of women in the Muslim world, forced to wear it at gunpoint, it means something slightly different than that. Ilhan Omar: To me, the hijab means power, liberation, beauty, and resistance.—kaveh Shahrooz, Canada based lawyer
It is a mark of privilege to live in a society where religion is weakened, where it displays its sweet and kind face. Many Westerners have only known faith in retreat, and do not know the brutality of religion when it has nothing to fear. —christopher hitchens
I would like to relay France's support and my sisterly salute to Nasrin Sotoudeh who is currently behind bars in Iran.—Marlene Schiappa, Secretary of Equality between women and men in the French government
When Javad Zarif responds to questions about Iran’s human rights abuses by saying “Iran has an independent judiciary”, this is what he’s referring to: Iran’s Supreme Leader has appointed Ebrahim Raeesi to head the country’s judiciary. Why is that a bad idea? He was involved in mass executions of thousands of political prisoners to list just one of the many reasons. —Karim Sadjadpour