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Barbara Slaving endorsed and approved by IRGC


Khameni's Main Topics in his Letter to the Western Youth

.Main topics in leader's letter to the youth in West re & fight against .



Source: via @abasinfo on twitter.

I find this to be most distrubing: DAESH  is taking revenge from colonialism by offering extremist ideology of a Bedouin tribe in the desert.


what Obama say nuclear deal means


Even Obama Knows this deal won't change 's regime's true nature of brutally sectarian, corrupt, kleptocracy.

Esteghlal? Independence?

MP Kuchakzadeh raises a placard w. Iran's Constitution clause ag. Foreign control over natural resources.

Sometimes non-graphic pics are just as heartsmashing: a girl in Gaza digging out her books via @_amroali

Caption this!

Rip Maya

Obama at his best

I admit, I laughed!