Where your late afternoon dinner with your girl friend at an outdoor café  is not interrupted by some crazy MFSOB firing rounds from his AK47 at you whilst shouting Allah O’Akbar, just because you are having too much fun!

Where you can travel on trains and busses not fearing another crazy sex starved  MFSOB would detonate his explosive belt whilst  shouting Allah O’Akbar, so he can get his leg over 72 fat blonde pale skinned virgin whores in Allah’s after life!

Where you can walk along the promenade of your beautiful town without having that crazy MFSOB driving a big truck running you over whilst shouting… you got it right Allah O’Akbar!

Where any woman covering herself with hijab is immediately sent away for mental treatment, to safeguard  her own and public’s safety!

Where long security lines at airports are unheard of!

I hear there is an island out there . I’m gonna find it and mover there for good! Those of you who feel the same as me  about this O’Akbar guy are welcome to join me!