Cuban Sigar for Iran

Special order Cuban Sigar for Iran with Pahlavi Crown Label

1348 Paykon

Beautiful Motherland

This is Gilan, Iran.

Two Wild and Crazy Guys!

We are...two wild and crazy guys!

Amjadiyeh 1936

Love those mountains.....always.

Second Grade Textbook

From over 50 years ago...............

Shah and UK Prime Minister Harold Wilson

Fardin: 1954 Olympic Silver Medalist

Whodat in the ad?

Ad asks about the difference between a sexy woman and a frig, one is hot hot, the other cold a society where people have more value for a made up emamzadeh than their history and heritage, ads like this may have acted as a fuse..........and......boom.....


August 1971, Caspian Sea, Northern Iran. A cloaked woman and two women in bathing suits.

Where do you think they are, and what do you think they are doing now?