About a year and a half ago I thought what if there was an app that simply showed me a photo on my phone along with "like" or "dislike" buttons. Pressing one or the other would bring up another photo. Then another and another endlessly. It would be highly addictive and useful as potentially millions would register their reaction to everything from politicians, to food, books, colors… anything one could imagine.

That idea grew into iroon.com -- a place to measure what we Iranians think and feel on a wide variety of people, things, topics and… Raw information that would allow us to better understand ourselves and provide a basis for possible change in thinking and habits.

On the one hand the site is equipped with tools we are already familiar with (blogs, surveys, photos, links…). They are easy to use and neatly organized. But what makes iroon.com unique and revolutionary is its National Pulse (Nabz e Melli) mood meter and the Dis-Like (Ah o Bah) carousel.

Over time, the National Pulse histogram will show our general mood and, potentially, the reasons for it. For instance if there are wide swings on certain periods, we can check the news and make educated guesses on how it has impacted our feelings. We will understand, to a certain degree, what things can make us happy or unhappy.

My personal favorite, though, is the Dis-Like (Ah o Bah) carousel, which is the realization of my initial thoughts on registering quick opinions on everyone and everything, starting with people and things we are most familiar with. Every time you click on the like or dislike button, it will move on to a new photo, and so on until there are none left. We will put in several fresh photos every day so when you come back the next day you will see something you have not voted on. Eventually we will have a huge archive of what Iranians like or dislike.

iroon.com is only a few days old. It still needs lots of work and lots of room to grow. But I'm extremely happy with what our technical team has achieved. I wish I could give you their names. All I can say is thanks a million and dastetoon dard nakoneh. YOU have made history :)