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cnbc: Saudi Arabia has ‘a great deal of explaining to do’ on how its oil assets were attacked

'There is a direct line you can draw from Trump's violation of the Iran deal and the risk of ...

aljazeera: Palestinian woman shot dead by Israeli soldiers at checkpoint - Murdering women and children has become the hall mark of the ZioNazi military


nytimes: 8 Years of Trump Tax Returns Are Subpoenaed by Manhattan D.A. - hush money to a prostitute may turns to

cbsnews: Adlolf Netanyahu vows to annex "all the settlements" in West Bank in 11th-hour re-election bid - Those lands have already been occupied for over FIFTY-YEARS now

Kavanaugh faces renewed sexual misconduct allegations - The shame is squarely on the US Senate properly investigate

youtube: Donald Trump blames lightbulbs for his orange hue - Babbons glow orange naturally

nbc: U.S. declassifies key name in Saudi-9/11 suit, but won't release it publicly - Let's protect the Saudis involved in 9/11

wsj: Saudi Princess Convicted in France of Ordering Bodyguard to Beat Worker