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I didn't do it

aljazeera: Gaza: Eight family members killed, 12 critical in Israeli raids - ZioNazi war crimes continues

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me

politico: Federal health contract funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to Trump allies - Redefining swamp

Donald Trump Jr heckled and booed off stage at his book launch

independent: Trump's maximum pressure policy on Iran has backfired and experts say it will fail

bbc: Virginia elects woman who gave president the finger - Best reward ever

politico: Iran to fuel centrifuges in new step away from nuclear deal - A gift from tRump which Obama took away from Iran

salon: Trump threatens to expose information about Alexander Vindman “real soon” - who is the rat here?

“Free, free USA,” we shout, “Putin get out, get out.”