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Again, any wonder why the Islamists took over?

Just amazing!

Too much to ask?

Land of Contradictions

Still wondering why there was an islamist take over? This is where logic meets its demise!

Purging Souls....

Source: The Onion

Leave Him Alone....LOL

Dec 23rd, Orlando, FL

If you're in a bookstore and can't find the right book, then a you are in

Batman Rules

In the National Museum of American History  

Blah Blah.....You're Boring

Puzzling Times

Before the guy from across the Pacific posts Google links.....Yes, yes, Clinton got a blow job in the oval office and perhaps some poon....and he got punished for it.

Instead, the Orange Dragon was rewarded by the Electoral College the presidency of the United States and we think this will influence Kavanagh's bid for the Supreme Court?

I doubt it!

این اسلامه , این هم مغز شما در اسلام . سوالی هست؟

نشریه بصیرت - اینا  خندشون  نمیگیره از این پرت و پلا ها؟