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the hill: US Hispanic journalist group rescinds invite for Fox News to be conference co-sponsor - We are interested in Journalism and not Faux News

thehill: Sarah Huckabee Sanders becomes Fox News contributor - Only natural, for a known liar to work for Faux News organization

aljazeera: Baffled Danes mock Trump after he scraps trip over Greenland - Who has become the laughing stock here?!?!?!

nytimes: It Just Got Harder to Get Birth Control in America -Welcome to Christian Republic of the United States

thehill: Omar says US should reconsider aid to Israel - Aid or ransom check?!?!?

the hill: Sanders proposes leveraging aid for Israel - Make those welfare checks count

plitico : ‘Using the Lord’s name in vain’: Evangelicals chafe at Trump’s blasphemy - you can't say goddamn but

salon: It’s not just David Duke and the KKK anymore: It’s Tucker Carlson and Fox News Network who sell hate - Spell it right, Faux News

newsweek: 'DONALD TRUMP IS AN IDIOT,' BERNIE SANDERS TWEETS ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON - Love the guy, he says it like it is

nytimes: Las Vegas Man Planned Attack of Synagogue, Officials Say - Yet another White terrorist want-a -be