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thedailybeast: Trump Called His Generals a ‘Bunch of Dopes and Babies’ in a Fit of Rage, Book Claims - “a fucking moron"

businessinsider: The United States' main allies are abandoning Trump as his threats to world leaders backfire - Let's chuck this up as another who cares

slate: Intelligence Agencies Are Afraid of Contradicting Trump’s “Gut”

cnbc: Trump rolls out policies that would push federal funds to religious groups and advance prayer in public schools - Next comes Shariah law

WP: Days before Europeans warned Iran of nuclear deal violations, Trump secretly threatened to impose 25% tariff on European autos if they didn’t - Europe has joined a host of ME nations to lose their independence

thehill: Schumer on Trump tweet: 'How low can the president go?' What do you expect from a whore chasing slum lord charlatan

nbc: Putin, Trudeau and Merkel top Trump on trust internationally, new survey finds - To no one's surprise

aljazeera: Outrage after Jeopardy! host rules Bethlehem not in Palestine - BDS the ZioNazi regime and its enablers

thehill: Amash: Trump claim about US embassy threats 'seems to be totally made up' - What is one more lie on top of thousands

aljazeera: US rejects Iraq request to discuss troop withdrawal - Yet another illegal military occupation in Middle East