Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, people werent afraid to say I'm from Iran because it wasn't synonymous with a backward, terrorist, reesh-o-pashm nation. Once upon a time, the prince and princess of Monaco would bow to Iran's Shah, as did Valerian to Shapur I. Happy 22 Bahman!

Feyzullah Mirza Qajar was executed by the Bolsheviks

Feyzulla Mirza Qajar, an officer of "Wild Division". 1905

Feyzullah Mirza Qajar (b. December 15, 1872 - d. 1920) - was a prince of Persia's Qajar dynasty and an Imperial Russian and Azerbaijani military commander, having the rank of Major-General.

In the Russian imperial army, he was the commander of the 1st Caucasian Native Cavalry Division, and the commander of Ganja garrison in the army of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. Feyzullah Mirza Qajar was executed by the Bolsheviks after the Red Army invasion of Azerbaijan.

Rest In Peace.

A rare picture of Colonel Mohammad Taqi Khan-e Pesyan

A rare picture of Colonel Mohammad Taqi Khan-e Pesyan (standing in the middle), when he was the student of the Military school of the Ministry of war (Nasseri Military School)

P.S: The photo is taken from his biography kept in Astan-e Quds-e Razavi Library.

A limestone statue of standing persian female

A limestone statue of standing persian female (princess Doshfari, daughter of Sanatruq II?), eyes incrusted with a special substance, traces of paints, from Seleucia (Tell Umar).

The Iraqi Museum ­ Baghdad.

Szold interviewing a girl of the Teheran Children

Mandatory Palestine, Henrietta Szold interviewing a girl of the Teheran Children.

Henrietta Szold (December 21, 1860 – February 13, 1945) was a U.S. Jewish Zionist leader and founder of Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America. In 1942, she co-founded Ihud, a political party in Mandatory Palestine dedicated to a binational solution.

Belongs to collection: Yad Vashem Photo Archive.

Military Conclusions of the Teheran Conference

The final copy of the Military Conclusions of the Teheran Conference signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Josef Stalin. The document states:

"Took note that Operation OVERLORD would be launched during May 1994, in conjunction with an operation against Southern France. The latter operation would be undertaken in as great a strength as availability of land-craft permitted."

Title: Military Conclusions of the Teheran Conference

Creator: Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum of the National Archives and Records Administration

Date: 1943-12-01

Location: Teheran

From the collection of U.S. National Archives

Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi & Miss Ruth Joyce Stevens

Jul. 07, 1950 - Friend Of The Shah Of Persia Dies In Her San Francisco Flat - Overdose of Drugs: Twenty three year old Miss Ruth Joyce Stevens, an artist, who went dancing and partying with the Shah of Persia during his visit to San Francisco last year, died after an overdose of sleeping pills last night, in her flat in San Fransisco. Her mother found her unconscious. Beside her was an empty sleeping pill bottle.

She had just been discharged from hospital, where she had been under treatment since April for a nervous breakdown. Photo Shows: Miss Ruth Joyce Stevens - found dead in her San Francisco flat.

Sausalito News 22 December 1949 — California Digital Newspaper Collection


Sausalito's claim to fame, which may or may not figure in a royal romance of international flavor, took place last Saturday night at the Alta Mira Hotel. We were in the middle of our dinner, when into the dining room walked His Majesty Mohammed Reza Pahlevi, and blonde Ruth Joyce Stevens, who sat down at a table in front of us, at a window j overlooking Richardson Bay and ' Belvedere.

The Shah of Iran wore a pinstriped double breasted suit, dark blue shirt and a dark tie, while his “date” wore navy blue decollete dinner gown, ART STUDENT The Shah, we understand, has stayed over an extra day, and his final evening in the Bay area was in the company of the beauteous 23 year old artist, a student at the California School- of Fine Arts, with whom His Highness had “dated” on three different occasions during his “unofficial” stay in San Francisco.

During the course of the dinner at the Alta Mira, Chef Maurice Guridi, who customarily greets all of his dinner guest in person, came over to the Shah’s table.

The Shah and Maurice conversed in French. Just what was said, Chef Maurice would not say.

 NO INTERVIEWS However, interviews and pictures were declared “out” by the two U.S. Secret Service men who sat at a table nearby. Following dinner, the entire party left, the Shah and Miss Stevens in the Shah’s borrowed blue Buick convertible, with the two secret service men each deployed in a car in front and a car in the rear of the ruler of some 10 million Iranians, as they drove back to San Francisco.

Miss Stevens has been the Shah’s companion at a dinner party at Trader Vic’s the week before, and also at her apartment at 1257 Lombard street in San Francisco, where she first met the Shah when her mother, Mrs. McMurray Stevens, who had previously met the Iranian ruler upon his arrival in San Francisco. Mrs. Stevens is a well known Southern California Republican leader.

SECOND MARIN TRIP The Shah, who left early Sunday morning by plane for the east, turned up in San Francisco on December 10 as a side trip on his official state visit to this country as the guest of President Harry Truman. Upon the Shah's return to New York he will be the guest of General and Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhowser, president of Columbia University, before making his final hop to Teheran before Christmas. His Majesty “did” the Bay area high spots, including the Top of the Mark, Treasure Island, Muir Woods, and North Beach.

Divorced from the Princess Fawzia of Egypt, his royal palace is located in the ancient Persian capital city of Teheran.i His means of transportation at home include a fleet of 27 automobiles and a Flying Fortress.

A Piece of History

The entrie Berlin Wall watch tower known as Check Point Charlie now sits at the Newseum in Washington DC. Creepy, but cool!

Rafael Cruz (Ted Cruz's father) with Lee Harvey Oswald

Reynold A. Nicholson and Rumi's Masnavi

Reynold A. Nicholson was an eminent English orientalist, scholar of both Islamic literature and Islamic mysticism and widely regarded as one of the greatest Rumi scholars and translators in the English language.

Nicholson's magnum opus was his work on Rumi's Masnavi, published in eight volumes between 1925 and 1940. He produced the first critical Persian edition of the Masnavi, the first full translation of it into English, and the first commentary on the entire work in English.

This work has been highly influential in the field of Rumi studies worldwide.