Where are they now?

The 2016 heralded resurgence of Bernie Sanders and his post-election bust is just eerily reminiscent of the earlier massive protests of socialist-left movements in America.  After all, “Bernie or bust” slogan turned out to be a litany of a jaded and fatigued movement that cowered in fear of continuous reforms instead of a utopian revolution.

The Vietnam War protests did not prevent the re-election of one of the most corrupt presidents in US history in the midst of one of the most unpopular war in modern history. And the ill-fated occupy movement tried to represent the bottom 99% but fell apart miserably at the seams.  It was the epitome of hypocrisy, when top 1% multi-millionaires like Moore and Sarandon joined the fray. That movement which was once a temporary expedient is now history.

By comparison, any social or environmental movements that went beyond banal hooliganism and gathered grassroots support culminated in landmark legislations, like the 1964 Civil Rights Act or the 1970 establishment of the EPA, and some were protected by the US Supreme Court like Roe v. Wade, etc.  All gained unassailable advantage through decades of popular activism.

Conversely, every time the left leaned toward utopian socialism with no definition but with all forms of equality demands either crumbled or sabotaged an election. The latest analysis by Political Wire has finally determined how Sander’s self-proclaimed socialist voters switched allegiance to sway the 2016 election results. The socialist left has always demonstrated a knack for suicidal turns and taken the society along down to its inherent abyss of darkness and despair.

At the time of unprecedented social and racial unrests, the colonel has pushed his chickens into the coop, where they belong.