In the throes of the 2016 elections, no one has seen a more peculiar and yet dangerous situation and even a more potentially harmful outcome at the end of November.  While America has always been notorious (fair or unfair) for its bipolar, two-party system, now we witness the advent of 2 additional ultra left and right wings that enjoy more similarity than dissimilarity.

While the sterling reputation of America in establishing the most progressive democracy at the time is on the line by the emergence of neo-fascists, and anti-spending economic hooligans led by Donald Trump, the main question remains as how to thwart an unimpeded bulldozing maniac toward nuclear codes.  And the solution certainly cannot be found in the radical left, the other side of the same coin.

While Bernie is a reputable US senator and has a solid track record in public service, he also has a baggage of unpopular policy decisions that would precipitate his loss in general elections.  Look here for his suggestion to abolish the CIA.

Moreover, parts of his base are driven by the same emotional traits as Trump’s.  Angry mobs of old fashioned leftists and dyed-in-the-wool radicals of the 70s (now retired and immobilized) spend most of their times bashing Clinton, hence lowering the odds of a strong convention.  This is in spite of Robert Reich  and Noam Chomsky’s recommendation to vote for Hillary in any critical circumstance just to avoid an apocalyptic Trump administration. 

Well what the hell! Louis Farakhan and Kim Jung Un both like Donald Trump llll.  And that’s the essence of a dyspeptic bowel.