Brothers and Sisters.

Since joining this site I have had the privilage of getting to know many compatriots all of whom I have grown to love as my own brothers and sisters regardless of what they think of my views.

So I feel obliged to give my brotherly, yet frank  advise to a very small group of brothers and sisters, who despite having the luck and oppurtunity of coming to this great Land of USA, ruled by non other than another muslem brother, still feel bitter, angry and hurt in their frustration regarding  how the USA is run, her foreign policy, etc.

So here is my advise to these brothers and sisters:

On US internal affairs: This country has become a magnet for  immigrants like ourselves precisely because the way it is run. So stop moaning. Be happy!

On US external affairs: Non of your business! Still think it is? Then go to the part of the world where you think the US policy is hurting people and say what you are saying here on internet, in broad day light in local bazar and see what happens.

Finally, be very carefull not to fall into the trap of devils who'd try to take advantage of your sadness, lonlyness and bitterness by "including" you into their Lobby orand then make you do very bad things. They use you, take advantage of you and then dump you on the street corner. Dont believe me? ask the gullible khanoom in that picture in six to nine months time!

May Allah almighty guide us all to his true path, to Hossein's path. Ensha Allah