News from our tech department on latest improvements: software was updated on December 3, 2012. This was considered a minor update. It primarily added new functionality to to summary pages and the Dis-Like page. The rest covered fixing some bugs and improving data display.

1. User can now view posts by most number of views. On all nine summary pages, a drop-down list with options "Most Viewed" and "Most Voted" are added in tab "Top." Most Viewed option is also added to the view list on the Everything page. In a couple of days, the sections on Homepage and User Public Page will also include this functionality.

2. New functionality is added on the Dis-Like page allowing user to select images. By default,  non-voted images are shown. User can also view image in carousel alphabetically or by most-recently added images. If all images are voted on, the carousel defaults to most recent.

3. To comply with Facebook, certain HTML tags and character entities are removed from posts' title and description to show correctly on the user's Facebook page.
4. The National Pulse Histogram was accumulating pulses per month. The code is fixed to show user pulses per day.

5. In album images are now ordered in the exact order they are added. This ensures the published album shows images in the order user uploaded them.

6. Links in content and description fields are now displayed in distinct blue color to improve visibility.