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Mr. Bean

I kept thinking he looked like somebody, but couldn't really say, until this comment from an article on Yahoo News that said:

"The guy on the right side looks like Mr. Bean."


Reading comments of Yahoo News articles are as amusing and entertaining as those of other sites.

Team Melli - mid 1970

It didn't matter at the time _this_ picture was taken that our Team Meli had no significant international presence, execept our overwhelming domination in the Asian football. We had watched these star players and we knew some day they would soar. And, it happened.

In my book, these players are "ostooreh." Their performances on the pitch are now engraved in the mythical pages of our football history.

Note: In this picture, there are seven players from Khoozestan (5 Abadani and 2 Ahvazi).

Quiz. If you name all these players correctly, I'll send you a humble prize.

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