Traveling Iran by train | DW Documentary

Iran is opening its doors to foreigners and a train ride from the Persian Gulf to the Caspian Sea is a great way to get to know the country and its people. The travel restrictions that are now being lifted were in place for decades. Many Iranians are hoping they will now be able to lead a freer life – and we meet many of these hospitable and welcoming people on our journey through the ...

Faces of Iran

Despite popular belief as laid down by western media, Iranian people are probably the friendliest group on the face of the planet! These are The Faces Of Iran who showed us kindness, hospitality, humour and curiosity. This video is dedicated to you! Ready for Road's website: http://readyforroad.com/ Ready for Road's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/readyforroad/

Tourism week exhibition in Iran

Iran 2016

I thought I knew what a good hospitality is like.. until I came to Iran. "Why go to Iran?" This is a question people often asked when I tell them I was going there. I would have ask the same if it wasn't the words of mouth I heard over the years about how awesome Iran is, how incredibly friendly the people are, and how off the beaten path the whole country is. The first day I arrived in ...

Masuleh, Iran

Masuleh on Wikipedia

A Visit to Tajrish Bazaar in Tehran

Journeys to the Ends of the Earth - People of the Flame

David Adams travels the Iranian wilderness in search of Zoroastrians, an ancient people who have tended a holy flame for the last 1500 years.

It Began To Grow On Me [ Tehran Time Lapse ]

Growing up in a third world country, as a young Iranian, I’ve seen many of friends leaving the country to live the Western Dream. To be honest, I wished I could do that too, but compulsory military service and other problems didn’t let me to. So I stayed. I had to find something beautiful in Tehran, in this overgrowing metropolis which everyone was running from. I watched it ...

Israeli-American journalist/"Zionist spy's" video report following Iran visit (mostly in Hebrew)

The Israeli-American reporter, Orly Azoulay, wrote on her 2015 14-day trip across Iran in the Israeli Ynet News, at 1 2. After her departure from the country, Iranian state media demanded that the gov't account for a "Zionist spy" freely traveling across Iran. The gov't responded that she had traveled to Iran as an American journalist.

Downhill Unicycling Mount Damavand, Iran

From the video's description: "After three years of planning and over 10 years of extreme unicycling Lutz Eichholz succeeds in the unicycle descent of the 5671m high Damavand in iran. Despite enormous problems with the high attitude, injuries in the team and weather fluctuations between 40° and -7° celsius Lutz Eichholz succeded in the record breaking mountain descent. Never before ...