Walking Tour of Tabriz

Gezeyenti:Tabriz, is the largest city in North West of Iran in close proximity to Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey. The city has a population over 2 million and the capital of East Azerbaijan province. Almost all the population speak Turkic as their mother tongue much like other cities in Iranian Azerbaijan, Tabriz has a rich history as it was the capital of few dynasties and home to many ...

Andrew Yang shared his foreign policy plans with Jason Rezaian

Washington Post:Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang says he will build a "dream team" of "tremendous people from both sides of the aisle" to solve U.S. and international problems. He shared his foreign policy plans with Post Opinions writer Jason Rezaian on Oct. 21 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Facebook removes accounts with ties to Russia and Iran, announces plan to protect 2020 election

CBS News:Facebook has taken down more suspicious accounts and announced details about its plan to protect the 2020 U.S. presidential election. CBS News national security reporter Olivia Gazis spoke to CBSN's "Red and Blue" about Facebook's strategy and the potential impact.

Hillary spreads vicious lies about fellow Democrats

Russian agents among Democratic presidential candidates. Has Hillary gone mad?

Iranian of the Day: Rahna Epting, Executive director, MoveOn

"Today, MoveOn is proud to introduce our new Executive Director. Meet our very own Rahna Epting." WASHINGTON (AP) — The grassroots liberal group MoveOn is naming its chief of program, Rahna Epting, as its next executive director. MoveOn told The Associated Press about Epting’s appointment before an announcement expected later Wednesday. Epting has worked for the organization ...

Iraqi TV Host Mahdi Jassem Reads Poem by Late Syrian Poet Mohammad Al-Maghut

For 1400 Years We Cursed Jews and Christians in Our Prayers

Iran's Ali Sadr Cave 'too commercial' for world heritage list

One of the natural wonders of the world is in the hills of northwestern Iran. Ali Sadr is the world's largest water-filled cave and attracts thousands of visitors each year. It once could have been a candidate to become a UNESCO world heritage site but not any more. Al Jazeera's Zein Basravi reports from Ali Sadr village in Hamadan Province, Iran.

Potatoes Thrown at American Troops as They Depart Syria

Consciousness: The Case for the Quantum Soul

Cosmic Consciousness with Jonas WHAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS? On the cutting edge of neuroscience and quantum physics, scientists are beginning to find incontrovertible evidence that there is more to this mystery of consciousness than we previously thought. It is now becoming clear that consciousness exists independently of the brain. Consciousness is "non-local," existing beyond the ...

Weirdest Ice-Cream Cone in the World

Hello Iran TV: In this video i will tell you an interesting story about the first Ice- cream in the world and i will show you weirdest Ice-cream cone that you have ever seen.