The Bronze Age Collapse - Systems Collapse

Extra Credits It started with famine... and ended with four great civilizations' utter destruction. The Bronze Age Collapse is still a matter of scholarly debate, but our favorite theory rests on an understanding of Systems Collapse and how societies build themselves to survive disaster.

Tehran Street Food Part 2

Arthur Wilde This video was filmed during my trip to Iran in the Spring of 2019. This is the second part of the Persian street food tour in Tehran, Iran. We start our video at the Tajrish Bazaar and visiting various food locations in its territory. After that, we went to Tandis Center to the newly opened place called Rebelan. Visit my website: arthurwilde.com

Coronavirus pandemic: Iran pleads for help as it fights virus under sanctions

FRANCE 24 Coronavirus pandemic: Iran pleads for help as it fights virus under sanctions. Bijan Khajehpour joins Sanam Shantyei for more.

NPR: While The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Devastating Iran, The U.S. Has Added More Sanctions

The rampant outbreak of the coronavirus in both countries hasn't stopped the United States from slapping tougher and tougher sanctions on Iran in a cold war that keeps simmering. AILSA CHANG, HOST: Before the U.S. led the world in reported cases of coronavirus, the pandemic was already sweeping through Iran. More than 2,700 people have died there, and the health care system has been ...

Iran Approves Coronavirus Stimulus Package

IFP News The Iranian administration has ratified a 1,000-trillion-rial economic relief package to protect the businesses and people affected by the coronavirus epidemic, government spokesman says.

Isfahan's 400 Year-Old Luxury Hotel

Mark Abroad ISFAHAN, IRAN - Located in one of Iran’s most significant and historical cities, Abbasi Hotel is one of the oldest continually running hotels, and a piece of Persian luxury. It’s an incredible historical hotel, with Persian gardens, secret luxury meeting rooms, and amazing dining. #Isfahan #Iran #hotels During our trip to Isfahan, we had the privilege to stay at ...

John Oliver blasts Trump's 'irresponsible' handling of coronavirus

When it comes to gun violence, don’t pray vote instead The impeached tRump is helping to make Russia great again BDS to deprive the oppressive occupied miltary of its bullets and bombs Buy American, say NO to Chinese made impeached tRump “The time is always right to do what is right” – Martin Luther King

Corona crisis in Iran: Separating reality from fiction

IRAN PANORAMA Mark Dobowitz, Executive Director of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy in Washington.

Balochistan Street Food in Chabahar

Mark Wiens CHABAHAR, IRAN - Chabahar is located in the very southeastern corner of Iran, along the Gulf of Oman, in the Baluchestan (Balochistan) province of Iran. In this video, we ate a bunch of Balochi street food around Chabahar, and visited some of the unique Martian Mountain landscapes. It was another amazing day in Iran! #Iran #Chabahar #streetfood Thank you to Salam Chabahar and Dor...

Michio Kaku: The Future of Humanity

Talks at Google Michio Kaku is a world-renowned physicist, futurist, and author of numerous bestselling books including “Beyond Einstein,” “Parallel Universes,” “The Future of the Mind,” and “Physics of the Impossible.” In this talk, he discusses the groundbreaking first image of a black hole as well as a range of topics related to his latest ...