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Obama nominates Azita Raji as Ambassador to Sweden

After a long delay US Senate finally confirmed appointment of Azita Raji as a ambassador to Sweden. The nomination had been put on hold due to delay tactics by presidential hopeful Ted Cruz whom ended his blockade.

Raji, fled Iran when she was in her teens, she has been a prominent supporter of Obama. Azita will be Sweden’s first female US ambassador. Sweden not had a US ambassador since July 2015.

Elahe Izadi – The Washington post

Born in the U.S. to Iranian parents and based in Washington D.C., Elahe Izadi is an emerging figure on the American journalism scene, whose work and firm belief in diversity have won her wide recognition in the industry. She has covered such issues as demographics, immigration, government, crime, and development.

 Until recently at DCentric, where she covered race and class relations, Elahe is currently a correspondent at the National Journal, covering Capitol Hill. 

Elahe is also a stand-up comedian, writing and performing original comedy routines in venues throughout the D.C.-metro area.

14 women are elected to Iran's 290 seat Parliament

14 women (4%) are elected to Iran's 290 seat Parliament.

The first women students at the University of Tehran

The first women students at the University of Tehran (September 1936). Front row (left to right): Batūl Samīʿī, Zahrā Eska ndarī, Mehrangīz Manūčehrīān, Serāj-al-Nesā& #247;, Badr-al-Molūk Bāmdād, Šams-al-Molūk Mo ṣāḥeb, Ḵānom Šāhzāda K 5;vūsī. Second row (left to right): Zahrā Kīā Ḵ ānlarī, Forūḡ Kīā, Tāj-al-Molūk Naḵa& #191;ī, Šāyesta Ṣādeq, Ṭūsī Ḥ 155;ʾerī. After Bāmdād, I, p. 99.


Qajar ladies on horseback, 1890

A unique Photo of Qajar ladies on horseback (Court Ladies going to Khorasan), from Shazdeh Moayyer al-Mamalek,1890.

Jewish women’s public bath

Interior of Kishvariah public bath, located on Sirius Street in the Sar Chal neighborhood of Tehran. 
Chollections: Center for Iranian Jewish Oral History

Feministe Avant L'Heure: Princess Ashraf Pahlavi and Germaine Greer at UN 1975

Press Photo Princess Ashraf Pahlavi of Iran - Germaine Greer at UN 1975 Photo Don Sovey


Women's Lib Debate: Germaine Greer Confronts Norman Mailer NYC (1971) 

Desperate Maryam Namazie Arrested in Paris for IWD action On way to station

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Mahnaz Afkhami International Women's Conference in Mexico City (1975)