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Ahmad Khatami claims the people of Iran love their rulers.



Sometimes I wonder if it's actually true. Sure, people complain alot and say lotsa shit. But when it really comes to it, they go right back to the voting booths and vote for the next hand picked psychos of the regime, and keep the tyranny alive by constantly pointing fingers at foreigners instead of realizing what folly they themselves created in 1979. 

They WANT the mullahs to stay around, but also want to have enough freedom to mingle in parks and show a little hair and skin in weddings and parties. 'They allowed us to have a music concert! Yay, we're free!...'


Essentially, they're stupid enough to perpetuate the myth of an 'Islamic democracy'. 


And The Winner is ...

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Source : La Repubblica XL



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Shah of Iran's Politically Incorrect Comment on Nobel Peace Prize

According to Historian Abbas Milani (who has released the Persian Volume of his best selling biography on the last Shah of Iran), the Shah made the following comment ( Persian Transcript Here) to his court minister Assadollah Alam regarding the possibility of getting the Nobel Peace Prize :


"If they insist to give it to me, I may accept it ... although the Nobel Peace Prize has truly lost it's value ... they confer it to any "kako siah" these days ..."

NOTE: Kako Siah is a derogatory term in Persian refering to a black man ( but literally means "black brother") ... but it has been also associated to the popular and iconic figure of 'Hajji Firouz', a kind of court jester who announces the Persian New Year every spring equinox.

In Above Photo: A man dressed as Hajji Firouz is arrested by an Iranian Revolutionary guard as passers by look on (source ?, Location ?) 

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