I've always had a secret desire to be a singer. A rock star to be precise. Of course I've never tried singing, other than in the car with the radio on (a friend once told me to shut my motor mouth. I was giving her a headache). But I did sing with Googoosh on stage once -- in a dream. I was great!

I've been in Budapest for a couple of months now and my girlfriend Samira and I were thinking of doing some mutual outdoor activity other than walking the dog and going to the movies. She first suggested dancing lessons, which I agreed to but with the warning that I am very uncoordinated. So we settled on Argentinian tango, the hardest dance known to man. Then we decided maybe salsa would be a bit easier. And then she said why don't we take singing lessons? Singing lessons? I'm in!

So Samira called one of her musician friends and he recommended Laura, his ex, who teaches singing at the music academy and is also a professional jazz singer. Great. We went over to her flat a few days ago for our first lesson. Or my first lesson. Samira took singing lessons in Iran several years ago and has a beautiful voice.

We stood there side by side making "mi mi mo maw" sounds in approximate harmony with Laura's electric piano. "Feel it in your face... in your chest... in your gut," she said. Samira did fine. I was quite horrible but I sang along. I mean, what the hell? I have no expectations.

At the end Laura asked what song would we like to practice before our second lesson. Do you like jazz? Sure. Sinatra? Ella Fitzgerald? Yes! How about Summertime, I said. Summertime? Okay. Laura found the notes from her computer files and we sang it a few times karaoke style. (Don't laugh!)

Samira insists I have a good voice. I know better but I'm giving it a try just for fun. As for Laura, she was supposed to email the audio file and notes for practice. It's been five days. I think as soon as we left her place she thought, are they kidding me? It isn't summer and it isn't ever going to be time for you two!

We're not giving up. No, not yet... yeah yeah yeah!