Every morning I look for something new for the cartoon section. This morning I thought someone should draw this scene for the Warsaw conference:

— There's a big ornate sign on top that says WARSAW OPERA HOUSE.
— The banner underneath says IRANIAN SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA.
— Orchestra musicians and chorus consist of Iranian opposition figures, with Pahlavi and Rajavi singing at opposite ends.
— The three tenors are Pompeo, Netanyahu and Mohammed Bin Salman.
— The conductor is Trump.
— The title of the musical notes in front of him is “Regime Change.”
— The general audience are tattered and terrified Iranians being terrorized by clerics, Revolutionary Guards and thugs.
— The VIP section is filled with top regime officials led by Khamenei having a party.
— There are scared officials and the rich trying to exit with bags of money.
— There’s a fire billowing from the entrance.
— The ceiling is cracking.
— The people in the galleries are looking on, some in shock and horror, some indifferent, some amused, some oblivious, many taking selfies, live broadcasting and texting.