Saudis losing the war in Yemen, due to innate incompetence!

Saudi princes are so incompetent that it takes 10 men to get them out of bed, groom them and cloth them, but 1 boy to beat the life out of them! Yemen war is proving how sick and corrupt Saudi Arabia is, and how easily it can be deafed.

حمله سربازان آیین‌ پادشاهی به امید دانا

"The Jon Stewart Mysteries Presents: The Case of the Iranian Agent!"

"Iranian president Bashar al-Assad" nominated by Obama for the ice-bucket challenge

George Carlin: Fuck Pride

flight attendant speech

Every airline passenger knows the pre-take off drill. There’s usually some boring speech about fastening your seatbelt and turning off your phone – not something many of us listen to. But if this flight attendant was the one giving that speech, we might actually sit up and listen! She is hilarious

Key & Peele: Cunnilingus Class

the word fuck

This Land is Mine

blog.ninapaley.com:I envisionedThis Land Is Mineas thelastscene of my potential-possible-maybe- feature film,Seder-Masochism, but it’s thefirst(and so far only) scene I’ve animated. As theBiblesays,”So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”If you want to support this project, please notice I have Paypal and Flattr buttons. TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donations accepted...

Hilarious Video Shows Man Call NSA in Attempt to Recover Deleted Email