"Iranian made" Toofan Armored Personnel Carrier

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First Russian armoured car in Tehran

First ever Russian armoured car in Tehran - Persia in 1916.

Garford-Putilov armoured cars were a type of armoured fighting vehicle produced in Russia during the First World War era. They were built on the frames of Garford Motor Truck Co. lorries imported from the United States.

Iranian cadets of the Austrian military academy

Iranian cadets of the Austrian military academy in Tehran, around 1900.

The Austro-Hungarian military mission in Persia was the development of a military organization in Qajar Persia in 1879 by Austria-Hungary, which is considered as part of efforts to reform the Persian army under Naser al-Din Shah and set up a standing army in Persia. The Association had the strength of a corps.

My grandfather went to the this Austrian military academy (Wien).

Iran masters WWI trench warfare tactics in recent military drills!

What a sorry bunch. They have zero understanding of modern warfare. That's why so many of their "generals" are killed in Syria. They act as if they're in 1916 when armies used to march aross the battlefield with rifles. These morons will all be killed by drones, missiles and fighter jets before they even get to see their enemies from their trenches.

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A Qajar ivory inlaid blunderbuss

A Qajar ivory inlaid flintlock blunderbuss, Northwestern Persia (Iran), early 19th century.

The watered-steel barrel widening towards the mouth with two later added silver clamps, miquelet lock with manufacturer's stamp reading bandeh, the butt and rear section of the stock with ivory and brass inlaid decoration, the edge of butt with ivory plate and surrounded by chevron pattern, silver wire grip, white metal added lattice to sides of butt.

Artillery belonging to Gendarmerie at Tehran

For first time: Artillery belonging to Gendarmerie at Tehran with Scheider-Cruzot-Schnellgeschützen, 1911.

Unbekannt - Morgan Shuster: The Strangling of Persia. The Century Corporation New York 1912, p. 149

Reza Shah inspects Persian Troops

Reza Shah visiting the troops, 1915s.

Deep inside, in theory and strategically, Reza Shah was pro Axis and heavily Germano-Feel (many of iranian people too). On paper, Iran was neutral; however, the complete hierarchy of Iranian Railroad, Armed Forces and many industries were built and organized by Germans!

In this picture you can observe The Persian Military Uniforms during the reign of Reza Shah were the exact replicas of the German uniforms! The Helmets, the color, and the equipment were all German.

...& Notice the "Heil" salute along with the Imperial Iranian Soldiers.



Persian Lange Pistole 08

A Rare Persian Long Luger mod1314 with holster

Mauser Persian Contract Artillery Luger, caliber 9 mm Luger, made 1935/36. Persian Model 1314. Only 1000 were purchased by Persia, making this a very scarce pistol.

Persian Gulf Command, 1942

 Persian Gulf Command (Map) Camps - Posts - Stations, Picture depicting "Persian Corridor" through which the Allies provided supplies to USSR.

18th century Persian trophy of arms

18th century Persian trophy of arms include an interesting double-bladed spear, a bull-shaped mace and two unusual looking muskets.