Nikoo Bazsefidpay, co-founder of Dentists Without Borders, and 2017 Swedish Woman of the Year

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Australia's First Openly Gay Imam

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Free Vida Movahhid

The identity of the brave Iranian woman revealed. Vida Movahhid, 31 years old, a mother, and still in prison.

Rohingya refugee reaching the Bangladeshi shore

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"A response to Charlie Hebdo attacks" - Joe Sacco in The Guardian

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Shiraz Bahai cemetery destruction resumes

Bahai World News Service: Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has resumed its demolition of a historic Baha’i cemetery in Shiraz, Iran, after pausing for several months in the face of international pressure and the expression of outrage on the part of Iranians from all walks of life.

Reports from Iran indicate that the Guard has now removed human remains from some 30 to 50 of the 950 graves of Baha'is in the cemetery, placing them in an open canal to make way for the construction of a new cultural and sports complex.

In June, the Guards held a public celebration of their progress in clearing the site. In advance of that celebration, to which the media was invited, they used a heavy roller to compact the ground. A carpet was then laid over a number of graves and the commander of the Guards gave a speech attacking Baha'is.

“The manner in which the Revolutionary Guards have gone about destroying these sacred grounds and, now, celebrating its demolition goes beyond the pale in terms of humane behavior,” said Diane Ala’i, the representative of the Baha'i International Community to the United Nations in Geneva.

“Clearly, this latest action – a public celebration held upon the graves of innocent people – is an attempt by the Guards to justify to an increasingly outraged Iranian public the desecration of the cemetery and the treatment of Baha'is generally,” she said.>>>

Shargh Newspaper Staff Protest Journalist Arrests

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Boston subway ads (see inside)

The above photo, titled "Violence," is from a series of ads placed at Boston's subway system by Ads Against Apartheid.  Other images include "Homeless" and "Stolen."  They also have a "Palestinian Children Ad Campaign" with images to highlight abuse of Palestinian children by the Israeli military, police and justice system.

ARYAMEHR: Pahlavi Era coin commemorates Persian Jewish Ties

Pahlavi Era coin medal struck in 1966 with both bronze and gold commemorating the ties between Iran and it's Jewish community 


Executed on 8th May 1979: Dr. Kianpour, Dr. M.-R. Ameli-Tehrani, Dr. Javad Saeed

In the sad memory (8th May 1979) of Dr. Kianpour, Dr. M.-R. Ameli-Tehrani, Dr. Javad Saeed, and many other innocent people, executed and murdered by the revolutionary guards!