Don't register your site with GoDaddy. Here's Its Founder Bob Parsons

If you want to register a site make sure it's not with GoDaddy, so that this jerk is not rewarded

A Walk in the Grass

For those who like felines, this one's Swiss!

Dolphin pod off of Gheshm Island

320 Black Bears set out to be killed this weekend in Florida

Battle Over Monkey Selfie

Battle Over Monkey Selfie
_Huffington Post:
"Copyright law is boring. Unless there's a monkey involved. Then it's hilarious. In 2011, British wildlife photographer David Slater traveled to Indonesia. He set up his equipment to take a photo of a crested black macaque. Suddenly, the monkey grabbed Slater's camera and started to take Selfies. As you can imagine, the Selfies were hilarious and adorable, and the photos went viral as soon as they hit the Internet. Here is one of the photos (yes, we paid for it)."


Geese Family on Potomac

This is back in May in DC. This family of 5 is adorable.

A monument to lab rats used for DNA research

At least some recognition for the animals used by humans in animal testing.

me & my bordercollie

This is where your veal comes from. Please read description

This is in Oregon. Each crate has a calf in it, removed from their mother one hour after they were born. The mother had enough time to clean up the birth, lick, smell and intially bond with the calf, before they were taken away to live in boxes. Death will ensue in approximately six weeks. Until then, here they remain, unable to move, so as to make their meat 'tender.' Then they become veal steaks.

One feels pain, the other does not