The wife of an Iranian Swedish doctor sentenced to death in Iran for collaborating with a hostile government has provided new details of how her husband’s health has worsened sharply in detention.

In a Wednesday phone interview with VOA Persian from her home in Sweden, Vida Mehran Nia said her husband, Ahmad Reza Jalali, a detainee at Tehran’s Evin prison, recently underwent a botched surgery for a hernia, began suffering from anemia, and has lost a lot of weight.

Iranian authorities arrested Jalali, a disaster medicine specialist who had been working at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, as he visited Iran’s capital at the University of Tehran’s invitation in April 2016.

A court sentenced him to death in October 2017 for “collaborating with a hostile government,” a sentence that Iran’s Supreme Court upheld two months later, but that also remains under review as his lawyer repeatedly has tried to appeal it.

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