You read Haj Rafsanjani and his NIACi bum boys’ wishful thinking for 2016? Now hear my forecast of events based on certain facts on the ground as they say in the military profession!


First some good news for Haji and his bum boys at NIAC

  1. Kerry will grant all Rafsanjani, Zarif, khamenei, Rou-Ani… basically anybody who has stolen more than  1$B of Iran’s oil money, and their families exemption from new US visa restriction. Until the next US elections!
  2. Kerry and Barak Hussein will continue to bend over backwards for Putin , the boss of Rafsanjiani’s boss!

Now some bad news!

  1. On political front, Barak Hussein (and Kerry!) will be kicked out of office by American people during the next election!
  2. On military front, Putin will  continue to assist Israelis to hit and kill Hezbollah terrorists inside Syria! More and more basiji terrorist generals will come back to Iran from Syria in their coffins! More IRI terrorist clients from Nigeria to Syria will join haj zigzag and Haj imad mughnyeh in hell! Haj Ghassem suleimani, the shite 007 who mistook Syrian rebels with peaceful Iranian demonstrators will never come out of coma, and will join zig zag and mughnyeh in hell!
  3. on internet front, Fred will continue to write his fine blogs on! Your boy, shazdeh atomi is failing badly, is under stress and is showing his frustrations in his angry remarks. Very bad and unprofessional I’d say!! You need to recall niloo khanoom jooni joon joonam from her Nikaah Jihad in Syria to help the shazdeh atomi joon!
  4. Trita joon’s family in Sweden will not get the visa exemption that Rafsanjani and his family will get!
  5. Maryam rajavi will hold an even bigger rally in Paris!
  6. Reza Pahlavi will become even more popular amongst Iranian youth. Just because his name is Pahlavi! Really as simple as that!

That’s all for now my Habibis J