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Happy first anniversary to our great President Trump for his triumphant victory of 2016 presidential election.

38th Anniversary of Iranian Terrorists taking 52 Americans hostage by climbing up the US embassy walls in Tehran, Iran.

Stop Terrorism 101, President Trump!

President Trump orders military strikes on the IRI assets in the Arabian Gulf, the IRGC bases south of Tehran, Qom, and other major cities.

Please Log in Your Grievances Against Ass-Dola Shashoo here.

Eulogy for Comrade Malijak Fidel who Dies at 90

Day of Reckoning!

Dear Tudehies, Commies, et al Happy Father's Day!

Time for US law enforcement to go after all mosques, Islamic centers, Islamic Schools that have ties to Saudi Arabia, IRI, Pakistan, etc.

Hey, you, lard ass Tudehies, Commies, subversives, affiliates, and associates!