After what happened to those courageous journalists in the Charlie Hebdo I thought I may give you a few words of advice.

First, please stop protecting people as you are bloody useless at that. Look at your record. The fact that Bakhtiar was not killed the first time was only luck and you still didn’t take the right measures to protect him. When you give people under your protection the false belief that they are protected they drop their guards and become easy targets. They would have taken effective measures if you had not given them the false confidence. It is pity that Shah’s security apparatus did not take advantage of your unrivalled competence in protecting people when Khomeini was your guest of honour.

Second, stop pretending that things are as normal. You have been challenged and freedom and Liberté égalité fraternité is in danger. I come from a Muslim country and I tell you that soft tactics will not work. Tell people stop this nonsense of Je Suis Charlie or silly things like holding a pen in the air. You must hit them where it hurts. You must print all those Mohammad cartoons on giant billboards and install outside the mosques and Islamic schools. If anybody protests, shot or deport the person on the spot.

Third, stop this daft political correctness and deal with Islam for what it is. It is a fascist ideology that needs to be eradicated from the secular societies. Commission some TV programmes to frankly discuss Mohammad’s life and all the massacres, rapes, acts of slavery, child molestations and other crimes that he committed. Show everyone what deceitful person he was. One programme is not enough; you must carry these for the next twenty years.

Fourth, few days ago it was running innocent people over with cars and now this, what is next? Devise Islam Tax, enforce it on all Muslims and use the revenue to educate the Muslims. I suggest around 25% tax on their income after all other taxes.

Fifth, Imams, Muftis and Mullahs are waste of space and have a very negative effect on the society. Deport all of them or just poor them in the sea.

Sixth, tell Italians to stop saving those stranded refugees or just escort them back to a Muslim country where they can enjoy the Islamic traditions. If Italians refuse, kick them out of the EC and let them enjoy the company of their guests.

Can tell you a lot more but am not sure that you are still ready to learn.