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Guardian: Miniature, insect-eating ancestor of dinosaurs unearthed in Madagascar

Dailymail: Operation Bag the 'Big Three': How the Nazis planned a daring assault on camel-back to kill Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin at a Tehran summit in 1943

Guardian: Iran to execute 'CIA agent' over Gen Suleimani's death

Instagram: Persian Poem

The Telegraph: Statue of slave trader Edward Colston pulled down and thrown into harbour

Dailymail: Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei says US troops will be expelled from Iraq and Syria because 'even allies abhor the American leaders'

Guardian: Why you don’t hear Trump or Farage talking about the tech revolution

The Telegraph: Rory Stewart admits smoking opium in Iran as he continues Tory leadership tour of Britain

The Telegraph: Eating nuts in early pregnancy boosts intelligence of children (go nuts)

Guardian: Greece to ask Germany for billions in war reparations