1. Nooriala is not a credible person. Please see his signatures of support for the taking over of the U.S. embassy and of taking their diplomats hostage by the fundamentalist students.


پشتیبانی از اشغال


سفارت آمریکا،مردم، دوره هفتم، شماره ی ۹۴:





2. Also see his other collaboration with Tudeh Party and support for Khomeini:






3. Please see the interview by VOA with Ms. Atefeh Gorgin, who was married to Mr. Khosrow Golesorkhi:






On minutes 24-28, Ms. Gorgin explicitly names Ms. Shokoh Mirzadegi as the person that told (lo dad) SAVAK about Golesorkhi.





4. Shokoh Mirzadegi is also not very credible, in my opinion. For example, in the VOA interview, she says that she was sentenced to execution in the first court. The article in my blog states that she was sentenced to 3 years prison in the first court. Either Shokoh Mirzadegi or the article is telling a lie or is mistaken. It has been about 40 years since those events. The consensus (as illustrated in my blog) is that Shokoh Mirzadegi “lo dad” told SAVAK about Golesorkhi. To give SAVAK the details about another person who struggled against the Shah’s fascistic regime (as well as the Ministry of Intelligence under IRI), is one of the ugliest thing anyone can do. If Shokoh Mirzadegi had not been guilty of telling SAVAK about Golesorkhi, then there is no reason that she has been silent in the past 36+ years since the overthrow of the Shah’s tyranny.





5. It is a FACT that the Shah was nokar of the UK and the U.S. It is also a fact that the Shah’s regime was a brutal tyranny that tortured, raped (men and women), and killed so many people including pro-democracy activists (e.g., Dr. Fatemi, Karimpour Shirazi, col. Sakhai, etc). You (Fred) can say that the Shah was good, but that does not change the fact that the Shah was nokar of foreign powers and a brutal terrible tyrant. The fact that the fundamentalist terrorist regime has been many times more brutal than the Shah does not change the reality of the Shah’s regime that helped subjugate Iran to a de facto colonial subjugation.




The Iranian people deserve much better than the horrible regimes of the Shah and the terrorist fundamentalist regime. The problem with you (Fred), Shokoh Mirzadegi, and Esmail Nooriala is that you want to collaborate with the remnants of the Shah’s regime. These monarchists are a bunch of unrepentant dictators. They have not apologized for the crimes they have committed against the Iranian people. They still worship the tyrannies of Reza Shah and Mohammad Reza Shah. These monarchists still want to reestablish monarchy, which is an anti-democratic institution. The institution of monarchy is by its very nature based on genes and birth and not periodic elections. A country which contains monarchy can be democratic to the extent that monarchy has no real power and is merely symbolic. If Reza Pahlavi believed in democracy, he would have renounced the anti-democratic institution of monarchy, condemned the dictatorial actions of his father and grandfather, and established a republican party. One cannot be a democrat and at the same time advocate the establishment of an anti-democratic institution like monarchy.





Lets be honest. You support Israel. Reza Pahlavi has asked help from Israel to help him to get to power. That is why you support RP and attack the pro-democracy Iranian forces. Mirzadegi and Nooriala also support collaboration with the monarchists; thus the conflict between them and the pro-democracy forces such as JM and INF.