‘Sin’ by Makez Rikweda

'I have sinned a rapturous sin'...so begins the first poem by Iranian poet Forugh Farrokhzad. Published when she was just 20, the poem tells the story of a sexual encounter with someone who wasn't her husband - a taboo subject now but even more shocking in the conservative society of 1950s Iran. The film pays homage to the iconoclast who changed how Iranians view women's desire and the poem ...

Tabriz , a long poem by Ali Abdolrezaei

تبریز یکی از شعرهای بلند علی عبدالرضایی ست که در این ویدیو ترجمه انگلیسی آن اجرا شده است

Paris in Renault , a long poem by Ali Abdolrezaei

Translation and performance: Abol Froushan

war war to victory , a polyphonic poem by Ali Abdolrezaei

Translation and performance: Abol Froushan

Khayyam Day in Holland

Highlights of KHAYYAM DAY at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Video by Persian Dutch Network.

Keeping Time with Sholeh Wolpé

American University Graduate Student, Nicole Webb, interviews Iranian-American poet, activist author Sholeh Wolp after her Split This Rock performance of "Keeping Time With Blue Hyacinths" at Brookland's Busboys Poets.

Dedicated to the children of war

Reminder to fools who continue beating war drums. Children are the most sacrificial innocent in war.

"The Rose Hotel: A Memoir of Secrets, Loss, and Love From Iran to America"

Webpage of this interview w/ Rahimeh Andalibian, author of "The Rose Hotel," is here.

Simin Behbahani: An Icon and Iconoclast

Tribute held in CEMEX Auditorium on December 13, 2014 Guest Speakers : Farzaneh Milani, Kaveh Safa, Marie Ostby, and Bahram Beyzaie. Sponsored by Hamid and Christina Moghadam Program in Iranian Studies and the Bita Daryabari Endowment in Persian Letters.

Sholeh Wolpé ~ PoetryLA Interview Series

Sholeh Wolp, poet and translator, born in Iran, now lives in Los Angeles, is author of "Keeping Time With Blue Hyacinths" and two other poetry collections. Her critically acclaimed translation of Iranian poet Forugh Farrokhzad's selected work won the Lois Roth Persian Translation Award. She has edited three anthologies, including "The Forbidden: Poems from Iran and Its Exiles," winner of the ...