I am writing this short blog because I am not getting any response from this site's admin regarding a problem I am facing.

Since iroon's new site started I can only perform paste in title and link boxes. I don't know why I am having problems pasting in other boxes? It icludes this box I am writing. From your exprience could it be a general technical problem or my OS. At the same time that iroon changes, I moved into Windows 8.1. I am not sure if this is deliberate or a problem and his lordship JJ is not responding either. 

The other problem is even before switching to this new design, errors were not and still are not highlighted. Most sites have dictation error support but not sure if this site has it for other users or not. As far as I remember it seems there was a discussion in the past with some users not having this problem.

Your comments are apreciated and thank you.