What use will it be to you a tray of flowers!*
Take a page from my Golestan instead
Flowers last but five days or six
This Golestan is always a bliss

Sa’adi, 13th Century Iranian poet

Once again I went to visit Golestan School in January. It is such a magical spot of the world for me, where so much life, love, hope, and promise grows. I have seen the school through its different stages of growth, and it makes me proud to see what members of this community have built. The school has embarked on a capital campaign to raise enough funds to buy the building in which it is located. Your help is very much needed!

For more information about Golestan and its current Capital Campaign, please visit Golestan’s website at www.golestankids.com/ or its Capital Campaign page here: http://www.golestankids.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Capital-Campaign-PDF.pdf , or contact CapitalCampaign@golestankids.com. I hope you can join the effort to save Golestan's current space!



*Poem translation by MPD


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