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Santa made it to Tehran!

Google's Santa Tracker indicated Santa's activities in Tehran this morninhg.

The Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra, May 2013

The news is still sketchy, but in an ambiguously-written news piece by ISNA, it appears that at least one Iranian university which teaches music to its students has been instructed not to teach any western musical instruments to their students in the new academic year. Such a decision, if true, will mean that Iran will no longer train musicians who can be members of large orchestras like this.

Photo by Parastou Soleimani, from here.


Sweets Factory in Isfahan in Preparation for Nowruz

Hyacinth Delivery to Flower Market in Tehran in Preparation of Nowruz

Tehran Flower Market Prepares for Norooz

This morning in Velenjak, Tehran

Photo by Bahar

Respecting the tree in Tehran, Iran

I saw this photo here:

It reminded me of this Siavash Kasrai poem:

An Ode To A Tree

  • You are the tall figure of desire, O' tree

    The sky embraces you at all times
    You are tall, O' tree

    Your hands are full of stars and your soul full of spring
    You are beautiful, O' tree

    When winds make a nest in your tangled leaves,
    When winds comb your green hair,
    You are fantastic, O' tree

    When the wild fingers of rain grasp you,
    In its cold feast
    You are the sad, sweet-singing musician, O' tree

    Under your feet,
    Here is night and night-struck people whose eyes
    Have not seen the day
    How is it that you have seen the day?
    How is it that you have seen the sun?
    And you are amazingly gazing at them, O' tree!

    As you bound the earthly people by a thousand strings,
    Don't be scared of thunder,
    Don't be scared of lightning.
    You will prevail, O' tree

    Don't rebel, O'scared tree that like our hope,
    You are with us, but still lonely, O' tree.

By Siavash Kasrai