Reza Aslan: Why American TV needs a Muslim Modern Family

Writer Reza Aslan thinks a Muslim Will and Grace could truly change American perceptions of Islam.

Anti-White violence in France

Islam and the Necessity of Liberal Critique

Happy Holidays to all Ex-Muslims! As leftists, we thought that Islamcould be trusted as an ally against the Shah. As prisoners of the Islamic Republic, we thought that IRI was not the"real" Islam. As immigrants in Europe, US and Canada; we have defended the rights of Muslims. Let's wake up and smell the roses ...Islam stinks!

Iranians among protesters against ritual chicken slaughter outside an LA Iranian synagogue [3 clips]

In the above playlist, the 1st 3rd videos are of protests on Sep. 21, 2015, by animal rights activists, among them Iranians of Muslim Jewish descent, against ritual slaughter of chickens in preparation for the Jewish Day of Atonement outside an orthodox LA synagogue frequented by Iranians. (There's overlap between the footage in these 2 clips, but they're not the same.) The outspoken Rabbi ...

Mashhad - Biggest Iftar in the world!

Iranian Islamist sings in praise of Hijab

"Al-Ghazali" - BBC Radio

More info at the webpage of the program.

Press TV's Marzieh Hashemi: "Extremist Jews & Zionists, the 1%," behind anti-Muslim violence & Muslim-Christian rift in the West

Christopher Hitchens questioned on Salman Rushdie affair (1989)

Around 28:30 Hitchens refers to Khomeini's fatwa against Rushdie as a "fanatical, despairing maneuver" on the part of a "dying regime."

Nothing To Do With Islam ~ Pat Condell

Patrick "Pat" Condell is an Irish writer, comedian and atheist internet personality.