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Hi everyone today we walk in Mozaffariyeh Timcheh in Tabriz Grand Bazaar  is the largest indoor brick bazaar in the world.

Tabriz Grand Bazaar is the largest indoor brick bazaar in the world and is considered one of the masterpieces of Iranian architecture. This bazaar consists of numerous bazaars, corridors, Timchehs, inns and caravanserais and Timcheh Mozaffariyeh is one of the most important parts of this bazaar. Timcheh Mozaffariyeh is a place to buy and sell Tabriz carpets, and by entering it, you step into the world of original and expensive silk carpets.

Mozaffariyeh Timcheh is the most beautiful Timcheh of Tabriz historical bazaar, which is decorated with hand-woven silk carpets of Tabriz. This Timcheh was built by a famous businessman named "Haj Sheikh Jafar Qazvini" in 1305 AH and on the occasion of the presence of the then Crown Prince Mozaffaruddin Mirza in this Timcheh, he named it Mozaffariyeh. It is said that after the completion of Timcheh construction, Mozaffaruddin Mirza goes to the market to watch it and praises it. It used to be customary to offer something to the crown prince when he liked it very much and admired it. Sheikh Qazvini, who was very clever, said that he would give you the name of this Timcheh, and by doing so, he prevented Timcheh from being looted by the Crown Prince!

Its architectural features include a high ceiling, small and large white and colored windows in the margins and in the middle of the roof, as well as regular rows of cells that are drawn next to each other. This Timcheh is built in 2 floors, each of which has 26 rooms. There are 13 rooms on each side of Timcheh wide corridor. The entrance from the ground floor to the upper floor is from Timche's "earrings", which was placed a little ahead of the main doors. On the ground floor, most carpet sellers have booths, and upstairs booths are mostly dedicated to ancillary work such as carpet design and embossing. In this floor you can find the most skilled carpet and rug embossers, colorists, dyeers and carpet designers.

The shape and structure of Timcheh has hardly changed since its construction, and two large wooden doors open on either side of it to a hall with a high roof and several domed windows. This Timcheh leads to "Qiz Basti Bazaar" and "Tlischi Bazaar". Today, Timcheh Mozaffariyeh has become the carpet market of Tabriz and is the place of buying, selling and repairing various types of carpets and exquisite carpets that have been portrayed by Tabriz carpet weavers and decorate people's homes with colorful flowers and original Iranian patterns.

Tabriz Bazaar is a place where if you enter to buy, you can find all the items you need; But the only thing that does not enter this market is the machine carpet! Despite the exquisite and original carpets of Tabriz, no machine-made carpet can enter this Timcheh and Bazaar. This is an agreed ban and no one has the right to sell machine-made carpets in Tabriz Bazaar or Timcheh Mozaffariyeh.

If you travel to the city of Tabriz, be sure to visit its historic bazaar, which is located on Jomhouri Street. Timcheh Mozaffariyeh, which is the best and most beautiful part of this market, hosts those who are interested in historical monuments and exquisite carpets. If you go to this Timcheh, go with a full pocket because you will surely be tempted to buy at least one of its beautiful carpets!