I believe Trump is emulating Reagan’s strategies. His campaign spokesperson talks in front of Reagan’s portrait. Like Reagan, Trump is arguing that the US must be rescued from a rapid descent brought on by a Democratic president and promises to "make America great again." Trump is promoting “nostalgia” for Reaganesque good ole times, to an audience that has been fed the bullshit that “Reagan was the best President Ever” … hanging on to Reagan’ coattails!

But a quick look back at history reveals a totally different truth about Reagan. There is no need to be nostalgic.

We now know that Reagan secretly dealt with Iran’s mullahs to humiliate Jimmy Carter and keep the U.S. embassy hostages through the Presidential election cycle. We also know that it Reagan secretly dealt with the Mullahs to deliver arms for cash, and used the cash to assist the contra’s in Central America and bring back cocaine into the U.S., in those same arms delivery planes. This Cocaine was fed into America’s ghettos to create a crack epidemic – that led to 2.5 Million additional African Americans being incarcerated and ruined countless lives. By the time Reagan left office, there were more African-Americans in jail than the population of African-American slaves before the Civil War!

It was Reagan, after all, who announced his candidacy – NOT in California, but in Philadelphia Mississippi - a bastion of America’s segregated, racist south. With so many African-American jailed during his administration, the electoral map of the U.S. was transformed for a generation.  Over one million voters in Florida were disqualified due to prior incarcerations, which enabled “W” to steal an election with a handful of hanging chads and all!

Reagan was not just a racist, but a crook.

And let’s not forget that Reagan was massively important in the rise of Islamic Fundamentalism. Do remember how the Iran-Contra investigation revealed that Regan had provided a signed bible to Iran’s President Rafsanjani (now Ayatollah Rafsanjani, one of Iran’s current leaders). And we also know that Reagan’s administration elevated and armed the Taliban! Yes, communism was defeated, but Reagan established the scourge of Islamic fundamentalists that ravages the world today. He created a new menace.

Trump is a racist crook too.

When Trump declares that the Clintons levaraged their positions in government to sell access to foreign governments; he is right. But he is not scolding the Clintons; he is being envious. He will do the same, but extract even more out of the Saudis, Chinese … you name it. He will expand his personal fortune with Billions of dollars of new cash in private overseas accounts.  Trump is no saint. He has filed numerous bankruptcies, has close mafia links, and is the subject now of numerous investigative reports by major publications like USA Today, Washington Post, New York Times … enumerating how he has systematically ripped people…. vendors, governments, etc. etc.

Trump will be a shameless crook. And a shameless racist.

He will talk at the podium about fairness and how bad discrimination is; and then in another breath declare that the U.S. should ban 1.3 Billion Muslims from visiting the U.S. He will spout prejudicial statements about a judge, a state Governor, and many other public figures who all have Hispanic heritage! He will call Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” as if it’s a negative slur. He will point and highlight one African-American in an audience to somehow persuade an audience that he is not a racist … not realizing that even pointing one out is an act of racism itself. When you are color blind – you are color blind! Get it?

Trump is a racist crook like Reagan. The more he emulates Reagan, the worse it gets. The truth is, the Republican party has been morally bankrupt for a long time. The Republicans will drive this country to hell – like “W” almost did in 2008 – and it took big moves by Obama to get the nation out of a ditch.

Yes, Hilary is bad; but Trump is much worse.

And, people simply aren’t aware of the facts, and have very short memories. Or not?

We’ll know in November.