This morning I logged into the new and noticed our old friend Hajiagha is free!  I also noticed many other blocked users are free again.  I sensed as if the Evin prison has been broken into and the prisoners liberated!

Now as we all know Mr. Javid was a great promoter of the political prisoners in Iran and was so vocal about democracy and human rights by posting all kinds of contents related to these issues and he even littered the American National Parks last summer by writing "democracy" and stuff like that in Farsi with broken pieces of wood and what have you!

However, in the end when he lost control of the old many of those he imprisoned are now free!  Despite the fact that many of them were talented and long time contributers, just like our political prisoners in Iran.

I am sure Jahanshah will disgree with me and many of you do too and I hope you register your feelings one way or another to activate the robotic programs!

In the end not only Jahanshah ended up playing the role of the Evin jail keeper but all of us lost something of value.  We lost the organized and meticulously detailed content organization of the old which was achieved by YEARS and years of user input and customized to the needs of the community.  The only thing that it was missing was "comment control" which Jahanshah promised but just like a dictator refused to implement, again all while boasting his freedom and democracy "claims". 

That's what happens when you or I or people we know act like stubborn mules and think they're always right.  Other than the comment control could've been improved by adding "tabs" like it used to have for blogs, news, music, etc. by adding tabs for surveys, photos, albums or the new things we have here.  Or the addition of like and dislike buttons.

I used to think that this new format for both sides may be good but now I think they are SUCKS TO CANADA!  They are not for us.  There is no "moving on".  If anything we're moving to nothing. I hope I am wrong, I hope I am so wrong that we get the old back.  But I don't think we will.  It's probably lost for ever.

Anyway, you may think I've woken up from the wrong side of the bed this morning but I think what I felt this morning and what I'm saying here is not far off from reality and how Mr. Javid is now perceived and where we've become.  At the end of the day it's another example of Iranian bazi and how we couldn't even manage an online magazine.  How we screwed up the cyberspace by creating an Online Supreme Leader!  Oh well.

Photo caption:  the appeals court for Tehran province