By now you've heard all about the Tabiat Bridge in Tehran being the 3rd or 4th landmark in Tehran, designed by architect Leila Araghian who was 26 when she was an estudent!  The bridge has won awards among them the architectural A+Award and it was originally meant to be the bridge between two parks spanning a highway but Ms. Araghian wanted the bridge to also be a place where people walk on look around and ponder.

So let me add some more to what you already know!  Well maybe you didn't know that behind the bridge there is huge, I mean gigantic flag that you can't miss it.  You see the flag far before you start seeing the bridge and when you see the bridge or stand somewhere to take a picture the flag is always there!  I was thinking if some of the people around here were to see that bridge and the flag they would surely have a sekte naghes (partial-heart-attack)! 

Speaking about huge flags as we're getting close to July 4th and huge flags I've seen large flags on cranes or draped from large buildings but I don't recall any of them being as large as this one!  Maybe they're trying to cover for other short comings by going huge on this particular flag!

So I took one picture just for the usual suspects!  Not to worry the Moderate and Reformist President Rouhani may bring the flag down just so people can take pictures without the flag photo bombing their pics!

Other than that the bridge is really a gathering place and people stroll around it day and night and in one of the pictures in this blog you see a group of high school students being on a field trip.  There is also a restaurant and coffee shop in the middle floor which has a great view.  The bridge seems to be more popular during the nights as most places in Tehran are more popular at night.  Seems like the younger population prefer the cooler weather at night not to mention more romance!