Iranians are always after the latest fab and good or bad once something is identified as being the "latest" they'll go after it like there is no tomorrow.  One day is Facebook, twitter, Viber, whatsapp, Instagram and now Selfie Sticks for Instagrams!  Why? because of the Rich Kids of Tehran on Instagram!

As you walk around you see Zorro and the 3 Musketeers battling it out for the best spot for selfies!  This was my spot, no I was here first, take it and leave now, you don't want to see my mad, aaayyy vaay mosal-maana!

Now if you're in a tourist area you should prepare yourself to dodge selfie swords coming at you from every angle and not just one selfie, selfie selfies everywhere!

Of course this has to do with the reforms that were suspended during the hardline el-presidente Ahmadinejad but are back in action after the Moderate president Rouhani came to power!

You see people taking selfies of others in their party taking pictures like the one in this blog, you see people fighting and tarofing with each other that why don't you come into this selfie, you see people like me taking selfies of people taking selfies, not shown here!